What We Are About

Farm Direct

Know your hops!

We celebrate farm-to-table with the Pacific Northwest’s largest independent family run hop farms, direct to you! We believe that unique and specialty flavored Hops should be sourced straight from the farm. That’s why we don’t buy from larger hops distributors, but keep our products simple and straightforward. Imagine having a picture of the hops that are in your craft beer, on the farm where they were grown, hanging in your bar or restaurant. That’s what we deliver.

Craft Brews

New, interesting Hops give your Beer the advantage

We offer new hops such as the El Dorado – a variety formally released in the fall of 2010. El Dorado hops consistently elicit fruity notes, specifically tropical fruit flavors. The integration of El Dorado hops to craft beers bring a potency of citrus, with a refreshing “fresh cut grass” taste. Craft your beers with our specialty hops and taste the difference.


No Middlemen

Work with the direct broker

Pacific Hop Supply works directly with hop farms to bring hops to you. No middlemen, processing or handing off. You can trust us, because we have 100 years of farming behind every hop we sell.

Top Quality

All products are safe and verified

Each crop is grown to all applicable State and Federal regulations. You can trust that the hops you purchase from Pacific Hop Supply are sourced direct from the ranch to you.